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Neil Risk

19 listings

10 Hillhead, Lerwick

Offers over £168,000
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  Lerwick

87 Nederdale, Lerwick

Offers over £130,000
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  Lerwick

74 Breiwick Road, Lerwick

Offers over £187,000
 03d 12h  Property | For Sale  Lerwick

20 Russell Crescent, Lerwick

Fixed price £195,000
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  Lerwick

25 Kantersted Road, Lerwick, ZE1 0RH

Offers over £182,000
 09d 10h  Property | For Sale  Lerwick

Kalna, Nesbister, Whiteness

Offers over £265,000
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  Central Mainland

Punds and Roadside, Walls

Offers over £170,000
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  West Mainland
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  West Mainland
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  North Mainland

Indalee, Cunningsburgh

Offers over £210,000
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  South Mainland
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