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Neil Risk

16 listings

Woodstock, Isbister, Whalsay

Offers over £80,000
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  Whalsay

Cream corner TV unit

Fixed price £30
 09d 06h  Furniture  Lerwick
 05d 17h  Property | For Sale  South Mainland
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  North Mainland
 03d 05h  Property | To Rent  Lerwick
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  Lerwick

70 North Lochside, Lerwick

Offers over £145,000
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  Lerwick

5 Union Street, Lerwick

Offers over £170,000
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  Lerwick

33 Norstane

Offers over £160,000
 34d 14h  Property | For Sale  Lerwick

Merchant House Exnaboe, Virkie

Offers over £160,000
 No Expiry  Property | For Sale  South Mainland
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